Transformational Breath®

As your breath flows, so your life flows...
— Judith Kravitz

The breath is our most sacred medicine. Nicole has experienced miracle after miracle in relation to what is possible with the breath. It is the most transformative resource we have and it is underutilized. The breath, and how it moves through the body is our Truth Teller. It does not lie, yet it has the power to transform. The breath can tell us the story of our lives and what is held in our unconscious.

As a Transformational Breath facilitator, Nicole reads the patterns and messages of the breath, enabling the breath to guide her in supporting you in opening to your greatest freedom, peace, health, joy, and purpose.


What is Transformational Breath?

Transformational Breath® (TB) is a conscious, self-empowering modality utilizing breath, movement, and sound that transforms one’s life on the physical, mental, emotional, and consciousness levels. It is a dynamic and powerful technique utilizing a high-vibration frequency created by a specific breathing pattern. It accesses our electromagnetic field at the cellular level and creates permanent healing and transformation. 


Transformational Breath works on Three Levels: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual

  1. PHYSICAL: Maximizes oxygen in the body, massages internal organs and generates the detoxification response. It serves to clear, heal, and open restricted breathing patterns, thus creating improved respiratory capacity, better health, more energy, balance, and a strengthened immune system.
  2. MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Effectively resolves stress, optimizes the relaxation response, and clears repressed emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression from the subconscious. Removes negativity and old mental programs and beliefs of limitation and lack, which creates more peace, creativity and clarity. Releases past traumas located in the cellular memory. Also activates an enhanced sense of aliveness, perspective and energy.
  3. SPIRITUAL: Opens a connection to higher states of consciousness, inner wisdom and awareness. Mystical experiences, awareness of other dimensions and higher aspects of Self. Unlimited vistas of spaciousness and love. Greater expression of spiritual gifts, creativity, deeper meditation, and opening to the awareness of unity consciousness.

All three levels of Transformational Breath happen in every session. Depending on your individual specific needs, experiences will vary with how much time you spend in each level. Every time you do a Transformational Breath session, you will become lighter, clearer, and permanently raise your vibrational frequencies.


How Does Transformational Breath Work?

Through the power of the connected breath it accesses the electromagnetic field at a cellular level creating a powerful healing and transformative effect. It is based on the universal principle of entrainment. Therefore, a high vibrational energy is utilized to shift the lower resonating energies of disease and trauma within the cellular memory, thus creating a powerful change in well-being on many levels. As we open and clear restricted breathing patterns, we learn how to breathe more naturally, easily and effectively. Most people are only getting a small percentage of air capacity because of closed and restricted breathing patterns. In TB we know that the amount of air that we can bring in is directly related to the amount of positivity we can accept in life. As we open and expand our breathing, we greatly improve our capacity to receive and experience more positivity. To the degree that the breath is open and flowing, we are in the flow of life.

Transformational Breath uses the full diaphragmatic breath and can resolve all incarnational traumas. It uses hands on, sound and conscious invocation to create more effective and complete resolution.

Transformational Breath is also the only breathing modality that focuses on the energies and states that you want to create, as opposed to paying attention to the patterns you are trying to release. By breathing in those higher states and intentions, those old negative patterns automatically dissipate. Transformational Breath is very unique and is the cutting edge of breath work today. Clients find freedom in one TB session that is not found in decades of utilizing other modalities and therapies.


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