Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!
— Ram Dass

Life Coaching

Our daily life is our muse, our means of transformation.

Life coaching is a partnership that supports you in connecting with your inner purpose and passion. It inspires change that creates and sustains fulfilling results in all areas of your life. Actualizing the life of our dreams is as much an inner activism as an outer one. Therefore, there are elements that set these sessions apart from other modalities.

HappiNature coaching is not therapy, consulting or casual conversation. It is a powerful experience that connects you to your inner wisdom and can be the key to moving you out of the past and into the present so you can create the future with consciousness and joy. Using a wide array of creative exercises, processes, inquiry and mindful awareness, HappiNature coaching sessions support you in creating deep and lasting change.

Our inner obstacles, like limiting beliefs and fear, get in the way of having fulfilling outcomes. To succeed with your goals and achieve your potential, you must know yourself and be willing to shift your thinking and follow the guidance of your inner wisdom. 

As your life coach, Nicole's job is to listen, be a mirror for your greatness, ask powerful questions, offer insightful feedback, and support you in moving forward with intention. HappiNature coaching sessions have unique, playful and powerful processes to shift old habits and patterns that may have you locked in an unwanted experience.


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Health & Wellness Coaching

Establishing true health and well-being can be a liberating and empowering experience when you focus and align with your true nature.  With more than 17 years experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach, Nicole learned key elements that make the road to health a much smoother and effective process.

There is nothing that serves health and well-being more then opening to happiness itself. True health and happiness go hand in hand! When you are out of sync with your true nature, it can undermine your well-being, making any attempt to become healthy more stressful and ineffective.

Living a healthy life is an art-form and is as much of an inside job as an outer one. Wellness coaching sessions with Nicole will not only assist you with attaining greater health, but cultivate a more joyful, meaningful experience within your body and your whole life. Together, we will go beyond most traditional Wellness Coaching processes and leverage the wisdom and grace of your true nature.

Wellness coaching is a solution-based approach consisting of a liberating re-frame of what health and wellness are all about and what the path to actualizing it really looks like. The process includes unlocking and shifting old patterns, perceptions, fears, and beliefs that may be undermining or blocking you from the health you desire. Once you understand and realign with your natural well-being, any actions or changes in your thoughts or life-style become much easier and effective.

This holistic coaching approach works on all key levels.  “Holistic” means “whole" taking into account all aspects of a person and what they are experiencing. What is commonly deemed as healthy for one person may not be so healthy for another. This is why it’s essential to look at the various aspects of our whole being: nutrition, lifestyle, energy needs, sleep, mood, blood sugar, cravings, hormones, how we deal with stress, etc. Depending on your unique health needs and intentions, we will utilize suitable nutritional, detox, Ayurvedic, exercise, therapeutic and self-care modalities that are beneficial to restoring balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

The body’s innate wisdom and potential are just waiting for acknowledgement and to bring our thriving nature alive. It is our greatest resource in actualizing true health. Come explore a more joy-filled path to great health!


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Career Coaching

Nicole utilizes her vast experience and training to prepare you for professional success. Given your particular needs, assistance is available through every phase of the job search process. There are various strategies and processes needed to be successful in today’s U.S. job market and to attain your ideal position and enhance your career.

The initial session with Nicole will focus on your strengths, personality style, personal needs, and interests to help you redefine your relationship to work. Together, we will use well-tested tools and exercises to give you new perspectives on your career path. These sessions are appropriate if you are just starting your career, ready for a transition, or want to love what you already do.

Assistance is also available to help you with your specific job search needs and develop your interviewing skills. Much of career coaching is how to effectively communicate who you are in all of your professional interactions, whether it be verbal, written, or electronic.


Career Coaching Services To Help You Find U.S. Employment

Assistance with:

  • Cover letter & resume
  • Short Professional Statement (SPS)
  • Job boards and sites
  • STAR Statements: Situation/Task/Action/Result
  • Professional presentation for all interactions
  • Making the personal connection
  • Phone skills
  • Formula for effectively, concisely, and clearly answering questions
  • Formula for successful interviewing and asking questions
  • Interviewing for the direct hire
  • Interviewing and working with outside or third party recruiters
  • Salary, compensation, and negotiation
  • Effective follow-up
  • References

Building confidence and mastering certain skills greatly enhances your ability to attain your ideal job position. Many of the skills developed go beyond a job search and carry over to enhance successful and effective communication in all aspects of your professional career.

Having a coach to guide and support you through the process not only increases your success rate, but also greatly relieves the pressure and stress that often comes with a career change and job search. 


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