Nicole Gabrielle Martel 

Nicole Gabrielle Martel is the founder of HappiNature and dedicated to supporting the harmony and well-being of all life on earth. Nicole empowers her clients to discover their own greater awareness and open to the deeper truths of their potential. 

For 18 years Nicole has worked with clients in wellness centers, clinics, businesses, and corporations offering individual and group sessions, classes and programs. Raised in Redondo Beach, California, Nicole’s deep love for nature has always been an inspiration, guide, and true source of solace throughout her life.

She has also been fascinated with human nature, with years of study in the fields of psychology and metaphysics. It began in high school after working with the school psychologist to establish “DOORS: Discovering Options On Reducing Stress,” a support group for teens on campus.
It was here where she began a quest for understanding, peace and well-being, both for herself and others. This opened the “door” for her education and training.


Her training began in 1999 with more than 1000 hours of training as a Holistic Health Practitioner from the Healing Hands School for Holistic Health. She then trained with various skilled naturopaths and Ayurvedic practitioners as well as working for 4 years at The Chopra Center. Nicole also received a yoga instructor certification from the Master Yoga Foundation.

While working as a Corporate Wellness Coach, Nicole continued her certifications including training as a Life Coach and Trauma Resolution Specialist with Great Life Technologies. She is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator & Coach and trained and worked with Dr. Judith Kravitz, co-developer of the technique and founder of the Transformational Breath® Foundation.

She holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.A. in Counseling Psychology from San Diego State University. Nicole is also a Master Reiki Practitioner in the Usui Method, and studied various modalities of energy work, including Qigong, Polarity Therapy and Matrix Energetics.

Throughout her life, Nicole has cultivated a deep spiritual practice and exploration. She has studied with renowned wisdom teachers from all over the world and participated in many powerful, consciousness-based programs that serve in the realization and awakening of our true nature.

A Note from Nicole

We are all in this together. I have such respect and gratitude for those who share this journey with me. Embracing our true happiness means being open and courageous enough to respond to all that we feel. The magic begins here. The choice to dive deep into the awareness of our heart sparks the alchemy that creates miraculous change. 

I understand what it feels like to lose my way and I have also grieved the loss of most of my family and many dear friends. I have lived through the dark moments of self-doubt, fear, and sorrow, and hit the walls of seemingly impossible obstacles. In truly allowing myself to sit in sacred reverence of these feelings, I found that my happiness had been sitting there with me all along. 

Often, in the perception of everything being stripped away, we come to see what is really here. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. There is a genuine bliss of being that comes when we are willing to love unconditionally and allow the gifts of our infinite nature to unfold.

Life, nature, all of the world is a vast wilderness, inside and out, that is not always easy to navigate. However, the artistry of being willing to open to this grand adventure with everything that we are enables our true nature to be revealed in surprising and miraculous ways. It only takes a willingness to honestly and courageously step forward into the unknown with a faith and knowingness that love, peace and happiness also walk by our side.

I know that everyone has an inner wisdom that can guide them to be their best, most creative and fulfilled self. I know this is true because I have lived it.

The simple key is in how we approach and connect with ourselves and life. When we have even the slightest of intention or willingness to experience life with reverence and presence, great things begin to open. When we trust the sacredness of every moment, the mystery unfolds and we awaken to the miracles and magic that may have been concealed a moment before. Yet, like the sun that still shines beyond the clouds, our truth, our deeper nature of love, happiness and peace are a constant companion if we are willing to connect to it.

The beauty already present in your life is waiting to be recognized. I look forward to facilitating the discovery of this beauty with you.

Do not seek the light...See it.
Do not look for beauty...Be it.
Do not search for Self...Know it.
Let the birdsong teach you.
Let the sunrise break your heart open.
Let every breath remind you of sudden miracles.
— Jeff Foster

5% of all services offered goes to support charities dedicated to the protection and support of nature, the environment, and animals.