Nicole is a gem in all fields of healing. From breath work, to wellness coaching, yoga, and meditation, she has always given me clarity and perspective facilitating my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. She exemplifies beauty and compassion, guiding us all to our truest and happiest nature.
— Cherie Kephart, Author of A Few Minor Adjustments: A Memoir of Healing
I am so grateful to Nicole. I have enjoyed a relatively happy and successful life, but had been feeling for many months that it was time for a change. However, the thought of leaving what I had worked so hard to build and step into something new was literally causing me to have panic attacks. Through Nicole’s coaching and the Transformational Breath, I not only learned how to manage my emotions so the panic attacks are gone, I am courageously taking steps to follow one of my biggest dreams! I feel so empowered and excited to be trusting my heart!
— Laura S., Accountant
As a commercial asset manager, I’m responsible for handling significant financial transactions on a daily basis. These can be quite stressful, as there’s both client & personal liability involved.

I experimented with meditation over the years in an attempt to help mitigate the stress that comes with my occupation, but with limited results. I read several books on the subject - everything from Kundalini to Zazen. But only after working with Nicole was I able to capture the ability to not only “de-stress” at the end of a long day, but also learned how to significantly enhance my night’s sleep.

Nicole Martel is the consummate holistic practitioner and instructor. I will be forever grateful for her assistance in this discipline.
— Steven Halterman, President National Bancorp
I really enjoy my sessions with Nicole! She is so present, compassionate, and one of the best listeners I’ve ever experienced. The sessions have moved a lot of energy and left me feeling embodied and connected. Through her coaching guidance and the Transformational Breathwork, I have also experienced some deep and blissful meditative states, and more well-being in my life. I highly recommend working with Nicole, her presence and skills are truly a gift to receive!
— Jill Jancic, Licensed Acupuncturist
Nicole has been my guide on a spiritual path that has led me to my Great Spirit, a higher power I can finally understand, embrace and trust as my own. Through this experience I have found peace, love, happiness and joy I never thought was possible. Nicole has shown me how to love and have compassion for myself, and to radiate that wonderful energy to others. This is all so critical to my sobriety, and most importantly to my life. Nicole is a compassionate and insightful listener who is always there to provide me guidance and direction as my Spiritual Coach/Mentor. She has helped me to realize my life is full of infinite spectacular possibilities just waiting to be manifested in my life. With Nicole’s coaching, meditation guidance, breath coaching and overall well being counseling, I finally feel truly alive and connected to the amazing energy of the universe.
— Alex Greenlee

5% of all services offered goes to support charities dedicated to the protection and support of nature, the environment, and animals.