Meditation is the art of mastering the mind. The way we perceive the world around us completely depends upon our mind. In our search for happiness, we essentially have two options - modify the entire world so that everything turns out exactly the way we want it or modify our mind so that we are able to be happy, content and peaceful, regardless of what happens in the external world. The former is obviously impossible. We have very little control over our external world. The only hope for happiness lies in controlling the inner world. Meditation is a key element in this process.
— Amma

Meditation is an invitation to reunite with our true nature, the vast, mysterious experience of presence. It helps connect us more deeply with ourselves, others, and life around us. It enhances and supports everything in our life. If we are too busy thinking then we may miss out on certain things that we really want in life, missing cues in some of our relationships because we are so in our own head and can’t see what is happening.

Happiness naturally arises when the mind neither pushes nor pulls. The inner fear that mental chatter stirs up can disappear with meditation. Regardless of our level of rumination, meditation can dissolve the inner critic that make us feel afraid and feel like we aren’t enough. When we meditate, we change the relationship with that voice. We stop taking it seriously, it quiets down, and can even dissolve. We can then be free, relaxed, present, and alive.

Meditation trains us to work skillfully with obstacles, thoughts, and emotional patterns that interfere with being able to rest at peace with full presence, wherever we are. Whether you are an experienced meditator or wanting to begin a practice, the key is finding a meditation that is suitable for you. Not all meditation techniques are created equal for everyone. There are ways to experiment and find out what type of meditation works specifically for you.

Nicole has been studying, practicing and teaching various styles of meditation for over 15 years and can support you in establishing a successful meditation practice. She will work with you to explore what meditation style feels best for you, and then help to enhance your experience so you receive the greatest benefit. The meditation style may be as simple as focusing on your own breath, or exploring more advanced styles such as Transcendental Meditation or Vipassana, which Nicole can refer you to. Regardless of the path you choose, mediation can be effortless, enjoyable, and expanding. It is something we are all capable of.

In meditation, your true nature emerges more quickly, reliably and fully. You can end the inner suffering you have been feeling. You can release the fear. You can be free.


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